Note: During the first treatment period, there may be a prickly feeling and skin may redden a little, skin impurities can also appear due to the inner cleansing effects. These are normal reactions and signs of a positive starting effect. This peels to reveal younger-looking skin without irritating. Try it if your skin is super-sensitive but in need of a brightening, smoothing fix. One of the most incredible products i've ever tried. It improves texture and clarity.

collagen protection week it is applied every day. After 3 months, you can continue to apply daily with a minimum of 3 times a week. Repeat intensive usage of med dermabrasive gel a few times a year as required.

This results in an improved structure moerbei of the skin and provides the ideal preparation for the application of our natural soluble collagen serums. Med dermabrasive gel is also found in the med collagen Set with the med day collagen Protection and med night Collagen Repair. For optimum results use these three products as a combined facial care system. The benefits, dermabrasive gel actively boosts new cell production to help maintain a healthy, clear complexion. dissolves intercellular glue to help to remove dead skin cells, stimulates cell regeneration, optimizes the penetration of active ingredients. Refines pores bronzer and improves skin impurities. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, how to Apply. Morning or evening: apply med dermabrasive gel to cleansed skin by massaging gently with the fingers. Apply also to the eye contour where fine lines can appear. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove with warm water.

collagen protection

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A fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation system huisje developed to gently refine and renew sensitive skin. The advanced combination of ingredients delivers multiple benefits to the skin; dead skin cells are dissolved, cellular regeneration accelerated, blocked pores are cleared and skin is calm. Active ingredients work in synergy with enhanced technology to ensure the optimum penetration, protection and preparation of the skin. Specifically formulated for sensitive and problematic skin, med dermabrasive gel is both gentle and highly effective. Regular use helps to refine pores and improve the skin to a smoother more radiant complexion. How it works, the benefits, how to apply, how it works. Developed for sensitive and problematic skin, this fruit acid and enzyme peeling system dissolves the dead skin cells and stimulates new cell production without damaging the valuable barrier function of the skin. Blocked pores are cleared, sebum production reduced as well as lowering the concentration of bacteria. At the same time an anti-irritation complex relieves irritations and soothes the skin.

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She is more likely to purchase more than one product. Bottom line: If you dont Custom Blend, you lose the edge over your competition. Its what will set you apart from everyone else. From skin Inc magazine by dawn Gantt, bioelements Regional Education business Manager. Our world is getting increasingly dirty. Skin-aging atmospheric stressors are everywhere, from pollution, exhaust fumes, and industrial smoke, to ozone, extreme weather and free radicals. Scientists now say that day-in, day-out exposure to these atmospheric stressors is aging our skin. In fact, researchers predict that pollution protection will have an impact on skin care that is just as great as uv protection, and become a key driver in the market as consumer consciousness increases.

collagen protection

Instead of not caring who performs her facial or replenishes her retail because it doesnt matter, you become exclusive within your own business. Plus, you are able to further develop a relationship with your clients. It differentiates you from bensimon the ecologische competitors. No matter where your clients may purchase product, they can only get Custom Blended, personal attention and care from you. You have what others do not. Make sure your client knows this.

It satisfies your clients' quest for bespoke. Custom Blending does it for you. And it cant happen without you. It makes you more money. Your client is more likely to purchase a product from you if you personalize it to target her skin concerns.

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Custom Blending keeps you from aziatische getting stagnated. You are now a cosmetic chemist in the treatment room. Custom blending focuses your eyes on the small changes in your clients skin—so your ideas stay fresh from visit to visit on how to change each formula to further improve her skin. Your client will respond to this enthusiasm, and be happy that her formulas can be customized as her skin improves. It allows you to compete with other estheticians within the same business. Are you competing for the same clients within your business or another spa in the area? Just like a colorist keeps her client by being able to create that perfect shade of red, custom Blending keeps your client asking for you for the same reason. You have her formula.

collagen protection

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It maximizes results and creates brand loyalty. Your client's dior products are now Made to Order. She will be more likely to stick with you, as only you have her personalized formula, and you hold the key formula. She may also become interested in other products as a result, as you can professionally recommend other formulas that can be customized with her individual recipe. It demonstrates your expertise as a licensed professional. You can discuss exactly what you are adding to her formulas, and why each one will target her skin concerns and increase results. Be sure to stress that these are professional use only formulas, and the only way for her to get her products custom blended, is in your spa. It keeps you engaged in the process of servicing your client.

You can even custom blend to alter the texture of a product, for example, to lighten up the texture of a heavier mask so it's more suitable for a combination-dry client with breakouts. It lowers your cost per treatment. Custom blending gives you a higher profit margin on service, and eliminates the need for many skus to target a myriad of skin concerns. For example, you can create a personalized serum during your facial, or alter an existing product in virtually every treatment step instead. It decreases your return rate. Custom Blending makes it more likely that your client will be satisfied with product results. And, if she is still not happy, she can bring it back for an adjustment. If a client feels her moisturizer is not hydrating enough, a few drops of a custom blend additive (like bioelements deep Hydration and soothing Concentrate) can be added to her jar. Problem solved, happy client.

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Is there a tool that can instantly offer the bespoke personalization your customers demand in the treatment room? Yes - custom Blending gives you the power to zero in on individual concerns like breakouts, wrinkles, capillaries, dehydration, and more, and gives you total control over the activity of treatments and take-home products. This level of customization, achieved with just a few drops of powerful Actives and Aromatherapist Oils, provides the personalized service your clients want, and will set your facials apart from any other. It's the difference between a client experiencing a cookie cutter facial, and one that's so customized it may as well have her name. Here's 10 quick reasons you should offer this service-changing, baku bespoke experience:. It gives you more control over your results. Instead of an off-the-shelf product that cannot be modified, custom blending allows you to create an exact product for that client's needs, that day.

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