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nikon d5100 price

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I just completed an ebook users guide for the nikon D5100 called nikon D5100 Experience. (and now nikon D5200 Experience also). Following in the footsteps of my bestselling nikon D7000 Experience, these guides cover all the menus, custom  Settings, functions and controls of the nikon D5100 and D5200, focusing modes, exposure modes, shooting modes, white balance, etc., plus when and why you want to use them. As one reader has said of my previous D7000 guide, this book, together with the manual, is all you need to start discovering all the cameras potential. It will help you to take control of your camera and the images you create! . learn more about the features and settings discussed in the tips and tricks here and much more. . to read more about them, preview them, and purchase, see my full Stop bookstore website here! Nikon D5100 Experience ebook users guide. Lock your Focus and/ or your Exposure settings Before recomposing your Shot: When you press and hold the Shutter-Release button, the focus distance is locked (or you start tracking the subject in af-c and af-a modes but the exposure is determined when the photo.

nikon d5100 price

Two of the most important ones are. These two will let you know if youve blown-out (over-exposed) your highlights. . The highlights view will do this by having those areas of your image blink. . The overview view will show you by displaying the histogram, which will show you if your highlights or shadows have run off the graph, indicating that those areas of the image contain no detail in the highlights or shadows other than pure white or pure. Overview playback view showing the histogram (note you should set your jpegs for fine not normal as I realized the camera default is set at). Set a precise Fluorescent White balance: When you change the White balance (WB) setting using the i button and Information Display screen, you can choose from several white balance options including Fluorescent White balance. . However, there are several types of fluorescent light bulbs ranging in temperature from perhaps 3,000K to 6,5000K. .

to tell the camera which one to adjust for, you have to go behind the scenes to the wb options in the Shooting Menu. . There you can set which fluorescent option to use, such as Warm-white or cool-white. . you can also access this menu item to set your own custom Preset White balance using a couple different methods. Put your Most Used Settings in my menu: Instead of digging into the menus and Custom Settings all the time to find your most used settings, such as the White balance settings just described, you can create your own custom menu called my menu, which. you can even decide what order to list the items. . Some possible items to add could be perhaps auto bracketing or hdr if you often make use of those. Brief Commercial Interruption: How did I learn all these useful and convenient settings? .

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The first person to leave laadt a comment on this post correctly telling the difference between. Playback and, image review will get a, free copy of my latest ebook users guide for the nikon D5100 called. See later in this post for more info on this users guide the only guide currently available for the nikon D5100! Custom Setting c2 auto-off timers. See if you have over-Exposed your Highlights: you have to tell the camera which playback views you would like the option of seeing when you look at your images on the rear lcd monitor, and thus be able to view your histograms and over-exposed highlights. . In the Playback menu under. Playback display options, check the ones you want to be able to view. .

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You can also assign. Raw so that if you are shooting in jpeg but have a great image you want an nef(RAW) copy of also, press the Fn Button first then take the photo, and you will save a copy of the image in both formats. Adjust the auto Off Timers: Use custom Setting c2 to set how long the various displays stay visible on the rear lcd monitor. . Though it may be convenient for them to stay on a long while, that will drain your battery more quickly. . But if they turn off too soon, it is annoying and could affect your shooting in a demanding situation. . so find a happy compromise. . you can set them all to stay on for a reasonable length by setting for norm, or you can adjust them individually. . Playback/ menus 20s or 1min; Image review 4s or 8s; live view 3 min or 5 min; Auto meter-off 20s or 1 min. .

Press the Flash Mode button to raise the flash in p, a, s, or M mode, then press and hold it and turn the command dial to change the Flash Mode (. Fill Flash, red-eye reduction, rear-Curtain Sync, etc.). . Press the Flash Mode button (also the Flash Compensation Button) and the Exposure compensation Button and turn the command dial, and you can quickly change the Flash Compensation as you view it on the Information Display screen. Top of the nikon D5100 with flash settings controls. Assign the function (Fn) Button: you can use custom Setting f2 to assign a line different function to the function (Fn) Button than the default Self-Timer setting. . Figure out which setting you change most often or need handy at your fingertips. . Some that I think are most useful are. Iso sensitivity, white balance, or, auto Bracketing.

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Edit : While this post was originally written for the nikon D5100, all of these tips also apply to the D5200. . so while i work on an updated nikon D5200 Tips and Tricks post, start out by making use of these tips. . And of course, they all still apply to the D5100. Detail of the nikon D5100, detail of the nikon D5200, ive spent quite a bit of time with the nikon D5100 as I researched and wrote my ebook users guide. Nikon D5100 Experience (and now, nikon D5200 Experience also! and here are some of the handy tips and tricks ive learned that may prove useful for you as you set up and use your D5100. . This camera has many features, menu settings and Custom Settings you can use to make it operate how you want it to and to match your needs and shooting style, so it is worth-while to learn them and/ or to set them up according. For example, in no particular order:. Change the Flash Mode and Flash Exposure compensation quickly: you can quickly set your desired Flash Mode and then adjust the amount of Flash Exposure compensation with the press of a button or two and the command dial. .

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