Technical parameter, bi-polar treatment head size: 15mm and 30mm diameter. Mono-polar treatment head size: 20mm and 30mm. Operation interface:.4" colorful tft touch screen. Output Frequency: 10mhz, power Consumption: 0-50j/cm2 (adjustable treatment Mode: continuous/pulse. Cooling system: water-cooling, air-cooling, semiconductor refrigeration. Working Period: Continuous working time can be 3-4 hours. Power supply: 110V/ 220V, 50Hz/60hz, dimension: 50*51*65cm3 (L*W*H).

radio frequency skin care machine of internal tissue is increased, heated collagen fibers are shrunk immediately and rearranged to stimulate regeneration of collagen protein for a long term, reaching instant and subsequent effects of skin tightening and lifting. Continuous Pulse mode heats dermis incessantly by rf energy, which greatly enhances effects and shortens treatment time to achieve quick treatment and immediate result.

One bi-polar and two mono-polar treatment head integrate in one machine, the bi-polar treatment head used for skin tightening, wrinkle removal, face lifting; the mono-polar treatment head used for slimming and anti-cellulite. And we have bensimon different treatment head size to choose according to your different requirement. Entire cooling system makes the treatment more comfortable, the temperature of the treatment tip always lower than that perfume of the tissue under derma without cooling system, improving clinical results greatly. High-power shortening treatment time. Quick treatment: continuous pulse mode greatly shortens treatment time. Inner Time control: Treated time between 1 to 99 minutes, safe and free. Cpc connector: More convenient, lighter and safer to replace headpiece. Effectively avoiding water/electricity leakage. Integrative design: Easy to maintain and replace. Memory count System with secret key or encryption techniques: It can count and save the hand piece shots number as well as machine host application cycle. People can lease the machine and charge rent according to the count number.

radio frequency skin care machine

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Related Categories: rf equipment, related Product searches: Radio frequency skin Care rf beauty machine fractional rf machine, high quality radio frequency skin Care, radio frequency skin Care belinda, rf,rf equipment,rf machine,rf facility, rf device, vacuum cavitation System, portable bipolar rf, portable bipolar. Introduction, rF beauty equipment is high-tech beauty equipment with great safety and no wound. It utilizes advanced technology with cooling system to deliver radio-frequency energy to the deeper skin. The heat will accelerate the blood circle and make the fiber structure shrunk as well as stimulating the renewal of collagen. Application, skin tightening, deep and light wrinkles eliminating, improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine Pregnancy line restoring. Skin-metabolism improving, anti-aging for whole body, divide bacterium and diminish inflammation. Improve pore-expanding, remove black circle around eyes, slimming. Safe and reliable: rf is a non-invasive, non-surgical, no bleeding, no downtime or tattoo recuperation way of treatment, which makes patients shape their charming figure and tighten their skin safely. Simple operation: user-friendly colored touching Screen with multilanguage operating windows, the parameter and the kind of lcd can be optional.

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radio frequency skin care machine

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radio frequency skin care machine

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Radio frequency skin care machine
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